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Vinca pacifica XP series are very floriferous and well-branched plants with bright flowers with a perfectly round shape.
Which are great in hot temperatures.

Vinca Pacifica XP Mix

  • Vinca Pacifica XP Series
    Height: 10 to 14 in./25 to 36 cm
    Spread: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cm
    Seed supplied as: Raw
    Plug crop time: 5 weeks
    Transplant to finish: 5 to 6 weeks
    • Tight, 5 to 7-day flowering window and
    uniform, upright habit across all colours.
    • XP genetics assure precise, programmable, predictable growing.
    • Outstanding in hot, dry and sunny conditions.
    • Very floriferous and well-branched plants show off
    bright flowers with an overlapping, fully rounded form
    that won’t show gaps in hot temperatures.

  • 1000 Seeds