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We are pleased to offer some of the most colourful and vigorous Asiatic Hybrid Lilies available anywhere in the world. Ideal for naturalizing in perennial borders or formal plantings. Multiple, long-lasting blooms make them outstanding elements in floral designs.


Everyone loves lilies. Planting Asiatic lilies (Lilium asiatica) in the landscape provides the earliest lily bloom. Asiatic lily care is simple once you’ve learned how to grow Asiatic lilies. The secret to beautiful, long-lasting blooms is learning the right way to plant Asiatic lilies. You’ll be rewarded with colourful and bountiful blooms on this prized perennial.

Bulbs - Lillium Asiatic Yellow (Pack of 5 Bulbs)

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    • Plant Height: 24 - 36 inches
    • Sowing Temperature: 20°- 30° C
    • Bulb sowing depth: 3 inches 
    • Sunlight: Full to Partial Sunlight
    • Plant to Plant spacing: 9 inches
    • Grown from flower bulbs directly
  • Pack of 5 Bulbs