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Earn with Biocarve Seeds

Become an exclusive representative of Biocarve Seeds. Which would means you will promote our products and drive more exposure to our brand. 

This will give you the chance on earning commission, an easy way to make money with your social media! I’ll leave below some key points:


  • Once you have applied to be our representative by filling out the information below, we will review your information and if it is approved you, will become our social media promotor. 

  • When you are approved, you will receive an email from us, with your unique coupon code with 5% discount (valid for 6 months) for your followers. This will help us know what orders we receive from your end, by using your unique code.

  • You will receive commission for from us when: 

    • Your number of order count is above 50​

    • And the amount is order is above Rs 5,000

  • Once the condition is reached, you will receive 10% commission on the orders we have received using your Unique Code.

  • You will be intimated on the progress from your Unique Code, every  

  • This would give you a chance to be featured on Biocarve Seeds Instagram and Facebook page 

  • Also, we want to give you prizes for your dedication as a representative so not only you gain money with orders but you also get the chance to win a free merchandise and promotional products from us.  This is a WIN! WIN! 

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