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Tropical Leaves


  • How many days would it take to receive my order?
    It generally take 5 to 7 (business) days for the order to be delivered. Once it’s dispatched from our place you will receive the confirmation email from our sales team, along with tracking number, which you can use to track your order status.
  • What is the guarantee with germination of seeds?
    The seed you will receive are fresh seeds, with above 80% germination and 99% purity (tested in our lab) When it comes to an issue with germination, there could be several reasons, like type of soil, right weather condition, proper watering etc. We do have a blog of our that could help you understand what could go wrong with the germination:
  • What are the Payment Options available ?
    We only accept Debit or Credit card. We do not have Cash On Delivery (COD), net-banking, PayTM, Google Pay available.
  • When do I need to sow summer and winter seeds?
    To understand what seeds you can sow in your area, you need to be aware of the night-time temperature. So, if you have: - 20 to 25 °C, that means you need to sow the "Winter" varieties of seeds - 25 to 30 °C, that means you need to sow "Summer" varieties of seeds In a general note (thou it might vary for you, based on your climate), we consider: - Summer Seeds to be sown in the months of Feb | Mar | Apr | May - Winter Seeds to be sown in the months of Aug | Sep | Oct | Now
  • How many seeds are there in one packet?
    Every variety packet has different number of seeds, which is mentioned in the product page under “No of seeds”
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