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🌻🌼 Bring Sunshine to Your Garden with our Yellow Flower Mix! 🌞🌿


Introducing our Yellow Flower Mix—a delightful blend of radiant blooms that will brighten up your garden and attract honey bees with their vibrant hues.


This charming mixture includes:

🌻 Rudbeckia: 4 parts

🌻 Sunflower Teddy Bear: 1 part

🌻 Zinnia Canary Yellow: 2 parts

🌻 Zinnia Scarlet Red: 2 parts

🌻 Celosia Cockscomb: 5 parts


Sow this mix in an area of 50 - 70 square feet, and watch as your garden transforms into a sunny oasis bursting with golden blooms. Perfect for gardeners looking to create a cheerful and pollinator-friendly outdoor space.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to add a splash of sunshine to your garden while attracting honey bees and enjoying the beauty of vibrant yellow flowers. Order your Yellow Flower Mix today and let your garden shine! 🌻🐝

Yellow Summer flower Mix

  • Sow when the night temp is 25-30°C
    Best for: Garden 
    Sowing method: Direct 

  • 60 gms of seeds