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🦋🌿 Invite the Beauty of Butterflies into Your Garden with our Butterfly Tall Mix! 🌸🌼


Introducing our Butterfly Tall Mix—a harmonious blend of vibrant blooms carefully selected to attract and nourish butterflies while adding a touch of elegance to your garden. This enchanting mixture includes:


🌺 Amaranthus Tricolor: 1 part

🌸 Cosmos Bright Light: 5 parts

🌼 Celosia Plumosa: 1 part

🌿 Kochia Fire Bush: 1 part

🌻 Gaillardia Aristata: 2 parts


Sow this mix in an area of 50 - 70 square feet, and watch as your garden transforms into a haven for butterflies, fluttering amidst the colorful blooms. Perfect for gardeners looking to create a vibrant and butterfly-friendly outdoor space.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to turn your garden into a butterfly paradise while enjoying a stunning display of flowers. Order your Butterfly Tall Mix today and let the magic unfold! 🦋🌸

Butterfly Tall mix

  • Sow when the night temp is 25-30°C
    Best for: Garden 
    Sowing method: Direct 

  • 60 gms of seeds