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Introducing the Caladium Bleeding Heart, a stunning and unique addition to any indoor or outdoor space. This plant boasts heart-shaped leaves with vibrant shades of pink and white, making it a true standout in any collection.


With its striking appearance, the Caladium Bleeding Heart is sure to catch the eye of anyone who enters the room. Its foliage is both bold and delicate, adding a touch of elegance to any décor. Whether placed in a living room, bedroom, or office, this plant is sure to become a conversation starter.


In addition to its beauty, the Caladium Bleeding Heart is also low maintenance and easy to care for. It thrives in a warm and humid environment with indirect light, making it an ideal choice for indoor spaces. With proper care, it can grow up to 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide, filling any space with its lush foliage.

Bulb - Caladium bleeding heart (Pack of 5 Bulbs)

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    • Plant height: Can grow up to 18 inches tall.
    • Sowing temperature: Should be planted in warm temperatures between 25-30°C
    • Bulb sowing depth: Plant bulbs 1-2 inches deep with the pointed side facing up.
    • Sunlight: Prefers indirect light or partial shade
    • Water requirement: Requires regular watering.
    • Plant to plant spacing: Space bulbs 8-10 inches apart to allow room for growth.
    • Grow from flower bulbs directly
  • Pack of 5 bulbs