Nasturtium Alaska Mix is a dwarf Nasturtium with variegated leaves and a mix of gold, orange, red and yellow flowers. Plants are easy to grow and long-blooming. Flowers are edible and have a tangy, peppery taste. Try them in salads or stuffed with a cream cheese filling. Also makes a colourful garnish. Bumble bees love the flowers.

Nasturtium is a Winter  season flower

Nasturtium Alaska Mix (Variegated)-NM

  • Sow when the night temp is 20-25°C
    Plant  Height: 30 cm
    Flower Size: 5-6 cm across
    Sowing distance: 40 cm Plant to Plant
    Best for: Bed Sowing/ground cover
    Sowing method: Seedling

  • 100 gms