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Balsam Camellia Is Summer season Flower. Balsam Camellia Flowered Mix is an old-fashioned plant that has been grown in American gardens for over a century. It is a branching annual and grows 18 to 30 inches tall. Balsam has double flowers that are mostly axillary, in rose, salmon, white, scarlet and violet. It grows in full to part sun, with moderate to moist conditions in rich and well-drained soils. It is effectively used in beds and borders as well as containers. Attracts bumble bees.

NM - Balsam Camellia Mixed

  • 10 gms

  • Sow when the night temp is 25-30°C
    Plant  Height: 35 cm
    Flower Size: 3-4 cm across
    Sowing distance: 20 cm Plant to Plant
    Best for: Bed sowing/Pots
    Sowing method: Seedling