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  • How to take care of flowering plants in pots

    Tips for keeping plants healthy; plus our favourite flowers and plants for container gardens. How to take care of flowering plants in pots 1. Choose the pots. Don’t try to grow a flower like a rose―which requires six hours of full sun―on a porch that gets only

  • How to Grow Ranunculus?

    Brilliantly coloured flowers of Ranunculus flowers are beloved for their coloured double-ruffled petals Ranunculus flowers look too delicate to be real, they also make long-lasting cut flowers and you can This flowering plant is used for ornamental purposes. These lightweight flowers are also used as the cut flowers because they can have a vase life of 7-10 When to Plant Ranunculus Flower Bulbs: Ranunculus is a cool-season flower plant and usually grows from

  • How to grow Gladiolus and care for it through the season

    As soon as the flower stalk forms, tie it loosely to a stake with a soft material, or use flower rings flower in the garden. The flower stalk is harvested in the morning for flower arrangements when the lower 3 blossoms on the In the garden, deadhead the flower stalk after the flowers fade. Thrips feed on the flowers and leaves causing characteristic streaking and discolouring on the flowers

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