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A popular landscape ornamental plant, award-winning Hedychium gardnerianum is an upright rhizomatous perennial boasting cylindrical spikes, up to 18 in. long, packed with up to 50 fragrant, lemon-yellow flowers, 3 in. wide. A long and prominent red stamen emerges from each yellow flower, giving the inflorescence a striking appearance.


Blooming in late summer and early fall, the showy blossoms are borne at the tips of upright stems and rise above the equally dramatic foliage of gray-green, lance-shaped, leathery leaves, up to 1 ft. long. The foliage looks great, even not in bloom, on patios or decks with a tropical theme.


The flowers give way to small capsules that split open when mature to reveal bright orange inner surfaces and bright red seeds. One of the hardiest hedychiums, is a bold and architectural perennial that brings an exotic touch to the garden and containers.

Bulbs - Hedychium (Ginger Lily) Garderianum (Pack of 5 Bulbs)

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    • Plant Height: 5 - 6 feet
    • Sowing Temperature: 25°- 35° C
    • Bulb sowing depth: 14 -24 inches 
    • Sunlight: Partial Sunlight (Outdoor)
    • Water Requirement: Daily
    • Plant to Plant spacing: 2 - 3 feet
    • Grown from flower bulbs directly
  • Pack of 5 bulbs