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Gladiolus is a classic perennial known for its tall flower spikes and large, colorful blooms. Great cutting flowers, gladioli look spectacular in your garden!

Commonly called “glads,” these lovely flowering plants are available in a multitude of colors and typically reach between 2 and 5 feet in height. Their blooms also range in size—from “miniature” flowers less than 3 inches in diameter, to “giant” flowers greater than 5 inches across!

Bulbs - Gladiolus - Random colour (Pack of 10 Bulbs)

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    • Plant Height: 3 feet
    • Sowing Temperature: 20°- 30° C
    • Bulb sowing depth: 3 inches
    • Sunlight: Full to Partial Sunlight
    • Plant to Plant spacing: 6 - 8 inches
    • Grown from flower bulbs
  • Pack of 10 Bulbs