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If you love yellow, the Carlton daffodil is for you! The cups of the Carlton daffodil – also known as Carlton narcissus – are a deep gold, framed by softer yellow petals. The effect of the Carlton daffodil is quite stunning.


Daffodil bulbs are a snap to plant and require only minimum effort and time. They are a fall planted bulb that will provide years of beautiful mid-spring bloom. You can comfortably plant daffodil bulbs from September through December.

Bulbs - Daffodil Mix (Pack of 5 Bulbs)

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    • Plant Height: 12 - 14 inches
    • Sowing Temperature: 20°- 30° C
    • Bulb sowing depth: 3 inches 
    • Sunlight: Full to Partial Sunlight
    • Plant to Plant spacing: 4 - 5 inches
    • Grown from flower bulbs directly
  • Pack of 5 bulbs