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We are a leading company of flower, vegetables and herb seeds in India with a history of over twenty two years. Our major business scope covers the production and supply of all seeds using advanced technology and high quality standards. Our focus on sharing information has helped growers enhance and improve their production of field crops since 1993.


In our pursuit to grow a better agriculture and horticulture industry we start by producing top quality seeds. We supply only good quality seeds with 99% purity and germination above 80%. Our aim is to meet individual customer's requirements in terms of requirement, time of supply, cost and the overall service that we offer.

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Buy our best quality seeds online with Minimum germination of 80%


Min Germination - 80%
Min Purity - 98%

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What We Offer 

Here at Biocarve, we offer a wide range of gardening seeds to meet your gardening needs. As seed suppliers, we provide flower seeds, vegetable seeds, herb seeds, and even flower bulbs. Best of all, we have a wide range of colorful and beautiful assortment of seeds that you can plant all year round. 

Flower Seeds

Winter brings one of the brightest floral blooms. Now, you may find green leaves and gorgeous blooms in various hues and sizes, from bed coverings to towering plants in containers.  

India has tropical weather. So, summers will always be hot, and flowers perish rapidly in the heat. Fortunately, some bright and colorful summer flowers may make your landscape appear lush and full of life. 

Vegetable Seeds 

Indian food has the most ways to use winter vegetables in every course, making Indian winter vegetables great for cooking. You can sauté all the raw vegetables to make a colorful salad or cook them in a tasty curry, and you can curl up with a hot bowl of vegetable soup.  

Some vegetables grow best during summer, like long days and warm weather, and do well in the hot, dry Indian summer. Seasonal vegetables keep you cool by lowering your body temperature. 

Herb Seeds 

If you grow herbs at home, you'll always have a fresh supply and won't have to spend a lot of money every time you want some. To grow them indoors, you need the right light, planters, soil, and space in your kitchen. 

And if the hot, dry summer is coming, some herbs will help you get through it. The best thing to happen is watching your garden grow green in the summer and knowing that it can survive and even thrive throughout the sunny season. 

Bulbs may continue to survive and bloom year after year, provided that the appropriate circumstances are met. 

Why Choose Us 

Our company has been providing flower, vegetable, and herb seeds to customers in India. We have cutting-edge technology and stringent quality requirements to produce and distribute any seed on the market.  

We aim to provide high-quality seeds so that we can help farmers and gardeners everywhere improve their methods. Even if our customers have specific needs, we strive to deliver services that meet and exceed their expectations. 

Buy Seeds Online at Biocarve 

Buy our best-quality seeds online today! Head right to our contact page, where you can fill out a form for your special requests and orders. Alternatively, you may also learn more about us via Facebook and Instagram. 

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