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Great Thought, Great Feelings Came To Him,
Like Instincts, Unawares

Late Ch. Mohd. Ramzan


 Biocarve Seeds rests on the foundation of strong principles of this great man, who gave highest priority to good education to his sons, focussed on building a strong network of relations and promised to deliver top quality of goods and services by sheer hard-work and honesty. We owe all our success to him and pray for him always.

About Us

We are a leading company of flower, vegetables and cereal crops seeds in India with a history of over twenty two years. Our major business scope covers the production and supply of all seeds using advanced technology and high quality standards. Our focus on sharing information has helped growers enhance and improve their production of field crops since 1993. As extensive testing and field trials continue to build our accumulated knowledge base, customers see us as one of the most powerful tools for guidance and support in the field, and count on our service, selection and advice each and every season. In our pursuit to grow a better agriculture and horticulture industry we start by producing top quality seeds. We supply only good quality seeds with 99% purity and germination above 80%. Our aim is to meet individual customer's requirements in terms of requirement, time of supply, cost and the overall service that we offer.

Biocarve Seeds has evolved from a modest operation to becoming the fastest growing production and marketing company in India. This remarkable pace has been the result of putting together a management team of veterans in seed sales, marketing, and production with over 22 years of rich and healthy experience. This team brought together the chemistry of four careers that were built on customer service, technical knowledge and a constant search for innovative products designed to enhance consumer’s profitability.

Our Exports

We are currently exporting flower and vegetable seeds to wholesome customers in Holland, USA, Poland, Germany, Taiwan, Middle East, Jordan, UK, Indonesia, Turkey etc. from our production facilities covering over 500 acres. Our Seed Processing Plant located in Patiala (Punjab, India) is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure. A team of well trained production managers monitor the entire production process from selection of seed to cleaning, grading and packaging.

Our Staff

Our professional staff of experienced geneticists and horticulturists provides consultation on seed selection, planting times, soil preparation and seeding techniques. They have access to inventory and seed quality information, providing assistance to novice gardeners and technical advice to other seed professionals. Information on custom blends to meet your specific needs for colour, climatic conditions or other concerns is also available. Our Company strives to bring you top quality of seed.

This year (2013) we feel proud to announce the introduction of 31 new varieties of flower seed, bringing the total number of available seed varieties to 187. We assure you that the colours, luster, shelf life, germination and long flowering period will be the catching feature during this season also.

Happy gardening!




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